Yesterday’s dinner at a friend’s place helped enlighten me about a lot of things. It taught me that even guys can cook, and cook well, and they need not necessarily look cissy while being in the kitchen. But of course, the fact that they can never do it all on their own still remains true(read female help).
During our short walk outside his house, I got to hear two extremely insightful statements- “Deep down, everyone is unhappy” and, “You must be happy with not just what you have, but also with what you want”. I could fathom the true wealth hidden in the latter only much later.
But the greatest learning of the night was about family life. I’ve been brought up in an extremely lovable yet archaic family, the typical Indian family with a strictly vertical, top-down structure where the male(the eldest one) is the head of the family.period. The parents are overprotective and patronizing and try n provide for every little need of the child, not wanting to subject him to the trouble of moving even a finger. What I experienced here was something completely different. The family had a totally horizontal structure, or in fact, no real structure at all and everyone seemed equal, in all respects. Conversations, ranging from girls to bhang balls, flowed smoothly. Needless to say that in my family, such topics are pushed to the realm of things that are well known, but never talked about. The dinner table saw the gathering of everyone present in the house, including his girlfriend. I am sure I would ask my girlfriend to dine with my parents only the day I no more have the desire to live.
I always thought men who cooked suffered from personality disorders. But it was not until yesterday’s dinner that I realized I was wrong, and in fact, I could never be a cook, and so many other things, even if I wanted, because my parents always had too many things served to me on a platter. You see, not just your partner’s love can be stifling.


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